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Why the retirement of Yahoo Site Explorer matters to SEO


Just about everything that happens on the internet, has some kind of effect on Search Engine Optimisation. On 21st November 2011, Yahoo closed down their backlink checking tool. This is definitely something that has an effect on SEO as Yahoo Site Explorer was one of the best tools to keep track of backlinks. Needless to say, Yahoo Site Explorer will be missed by most of the SEO community whether they are website owners or providers of SEO services.

Yahoo Site Explorer is among the very few genuine backlink checkers that offered their services completely free of charge without even requiring registration. While most backlink checkers will simply offer rounded figures of the actual number of backlinks or simply settle on a random round number, Site Explorer offered accurate results.

However, when it comes to the backlink source sites, Yahoo only displayed a maximum limit of 1000 links. Then again, unless you are planning to examine each and every backlink, its not a major disadvantage. In addition, Site Explorer also offered plenty of assistance when it comes to categorizing the backlinks according to the landing page. All this was offered in an easy to use format to allow anyone to make use of the service.

In general, a backlink checker is essential to keep an eye on the links that they invested time and resources on to build. For instance, if you are an SEO services provider, it is important to keep track on the amount of backlinks obtained by a particular client when work started and how the amount changes as the link building continues. The main use of these tools is the ability to keep an eye on active links as well as any lost links without resorting to time consuming, manual means. In other words, a backlink checker takes a great deal of work off your shoulders.

Now that Yahoo Site Explorer has closed, it is necessary for SEO professionals to find something that is just as good to maintain operations as before. It is highly recommended that you should try your hand at a paid backlink checker for results that are similar to Site Explorers.

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