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What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing Tips

Over the past few years we have seen a rapid growth in the emergence of social media and the need to monitor consumers’ online activity. With more people than ever participating on social networks, companies and advertisers have had to change the way that they market their products and services.

With this kind of potential exposure, social media marketing has become a must for any business and an excellent tool to support successful SEO. eCommerce is only set to grow and social media provides the perfect platform for businesses to interact with their customers.

It’s time for your business to go social! Let us make it simple…

If you’re trying to decide if social media marketing is right for your business, the verdict is very much in! Social media is a great way to attract new business and drive repeat business.

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

  • Connect with a much wider audience
  • Introduce new consumers to your products, services and offers
  • Encourage and monitor user interaction with your exclusive blog link posts and ads
  • Share and engage with users to boost brand awareness

Social Media Tools and Techniques

In order for your website to compete effectively online, we will:

  • Create or optimise your social media profiles on each of the major platforms; Facebook, Twitter,  and LinkedIn
  • Research, analyse and plan a strategy with you to meet your specific needs and those of your consumers
  • Develop a well-balanced editorial calendar for content creation and publishing for all target social platforms
  • Design eye –catching, informative and shareable promotional graphics and infographics; garnering the power of visuals to better connect your brand with your target audience
  • Regularly post and manage unique, interesting content to consistently attract the attention of potential new customers and keep existing followers engaged
  • Assist in brand reputation management for follower interactions
  • Measure and manage social signals and the influence of social activity on website traffic

All these elements will complement and enhance our SEO efforts, to help us achieve strong and sustained keyword rankings for your website. Our focus is on maximising the output from your combined SEO and social media campaign, and with our expert knowledge, making it a success.