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Unblock the toilet bowl


Unblock the toilet bowl

Is the pelvis clogged? If you find yourself in the difficult position of having your pelvis clogged, do not be disappointed. Clogging the toilet bowl is not easy. But there are ways to deal with the problem without much effort.

Before you trust a chemical to unblock your toilet bowl, it is a good idea to try the following methods first. The reason; Chemicals can damage your pelvic tubing. If this happens it will create a bigger problem that you will have to face. If your pelvis is clogged, we suggest simple techniques, using materials you already have in your home.

If your pelvis is clogged, and you have the question “how do I disassemble the toilet bowl myself?”, This article is for you. Below we have gathered the most successful ways of clogging the basin, according to the professional plumbers Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου Μαραθώνας of the kind!

Blocked Toilet Basin – Causes


As mentioned above there are several causes that lead to clogged toilets which can vary whether you live in an apartment building or in a detached house. One of the most common reasons for clogging the toilet is throwing objects that are not water-permeable. For example, items such as lower quality toilet paper, sanitary napkins, used diapers and baby wipes cannot be broken down by water.

This causes them to accumulate inside the pipes until they become clogged. What we need to mention is that it usually takes more than one object to clog the toilet and the reason that more than one object falls has to do with the fact that we have come to the wrong conclusion having once thrown something that is not water-soluble. To put it simply, the basin is not going to get clogged by throwing in a baby wipe. A baby wipe may appear to be gone after we pull out the cistern but it has probably remained in one of the corners of the pipes leading to the drain.

So believing that the baby wipes are properly absorbed, the user continues to throw similar objects into the basin until they completely block a point in the piping.


Another reason for blockage is poor quality and incorrect piping. This is usually found in large urban centers, such as Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras, in apartment buildings built in the 70-80s. This was a period of great upheaval in the construction industry which unfortunately led to lower quality constructions. It is not uncommon to see very small, in diameter, pipes installed in apartment buildings with too many apartments.

There are also cases where the pipes are placed in such a way that inevitably angles are formed much sharper than they should and therefore create hotspot points for blockages.


Finally, a rarer factor is that of the central sewer which can clog in cases of heavy rainfall. Until two decades ago, all the houses and apartments had their own septic tank, which has its own problems, so it was decided to stop using the septic tank and to connect all the buildings to a central municipal sewer through which its waters pass. rain. So in cases where we have heavy rainfall or even floods, the part of the piping in which our building is connected to the central sewer can be blocked by branches and mud which has as a consequence the blockage of our system.

How do I unblock the toilet bowl without chemicals?

Drain basin with hot water

The most common and successful advice followed by those who have clogged their pelvis, is hot water. Before doing anything, it is good to cut off the water supply to the basin. Once your pelvis is clogged there is a risk of overflow. Once you prevent this from happening, you can move on with the process. Take a saucepan, fill it with water and heat it until it evaporates. When the water is ready, pour it into the basin. You let it work for a few minutes and you will notice that your problem is slowly receding. Now the basin is ready to use!

Use liquid dishwashing detergent

Another way to unclog your pelvis is to use liquid detergent. The specific way to unclog your pelvis is combined with the first tip. Use the hot water the way we showed you and pour 1 cup of dish detergent. You leave it to act for a few minutes. Then you pull out the cistern and the problem is solved!

Use a wire or hanger

It may seem strange to you to think “but how do I disassemble the toilet bowl using a hanger?” And yet we will prove to you how it is done and how it is a successful way to do it. The process is simple. Take a wire hanger and open it. Create a hook on its edge and dip it into your clogged pelvis. Use the hook in such a way as to remove any obstruction from the pelvis. Caution! The movements need to be done very carefully, so as not to injure the piping.

Mix soda with vinegar

Combining soda with vinegar can also help unclog your pelvis. For this step, first pour plenty of water into the basin. Then pour a cup full of baking soda. Leave it on for 5 minutes and pour a cup of vinegar. At this point your mixture should act for another 10 minutes, to have the desired result. Heat water in a saucepan and pour it into the bowl. The last step will help any residue that prevented the basin piping from leaving.

Use of a suction cup

The latter solution is also the least common in cases where the basin is clogged. That is why it is used after all the others have failed. The use of a suction cup requires good handling to succeed. Also do not forget to dedicate the appropriate time to disinfect the suction cup from the sewage, after its use.

How do I disassemble the toilet bowl using a suction cup? The steps of the process are as follows:

  • After applying the suction cup well to the pelvis, make rapid reciprocating movements downwards. In this way, a vacuum is created between the suction cup and the clogged pelvis and it will begin to unblock objects that have blocked it.
  • Continue the process until you hear water running inside the pipes. At this point you can remove the suction cup and disinfect it well before storing it.

Toilet unblock with food film and adhensive tape

This is one of the most original and smart ways to disassemble the basin but you need to have a lot of confidence in what you are doing. As a first step, lift the lid, then cover the basin with cling film, which we carefully glue to the ends with adhesive tape, thus creating a tight lid in the basin from which no water can escape.

Even if our basin is clogged we pull the cistern as the water rises and pushes the food film upwards, we use our hands to push the film down. This acts as a huge suction cup putting a lot of pressure on anything stuck in the pipes.

We hope we have helped you answer your question “how do I unclog the toilet bowl?”. In case the problem has not been solved in any of the above ways, do not insist anymore! The problem is probably not that your pelvis is clogged.

The problem you are facing may be in the piping and you may make it worse if you keep trying to block it on your own.

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