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More Masturbation Techniques


More Masturbation Techniques

Pleasure is only limited by what the body can do and what the mind can come up with. Sex is one of the areas where humans are forced to keep improvising and exploring in order to avoid turning sex into a routine that gives pleasure to nobody. Men and women turn to their imagination in order to find new ways of getting pleasure out of sex. Others visit or prefer a special partner like an escort or escorts.

Whether it’s a new position, acting out a fantasy or even closing your eyes and thinking about somebody else, people have to let their minds and instincts take over if they want to feel the precious rush. So here’s a list of masturbation positions and techniques that you can try at your own leisure. The first one aims to simulate the feeling of vagina closing in around the penis.

For this technique you need to lie on your side and grab the penis with the right hand. Make a full fisted grip, but grab your penis from the left and not from the right, as the usual grip requires. You must twist your wrist so that the thumb is pointing down, not up. Don’t worry if you have to pull the penis to the side in order to achieve the correct grip; this is perfectly natural.

Now complete the rolling movement and lay face-down on the bed. Start thrusting using your pelvis and hips, while keeping your hand very still. Those who like thrusting should also try a technique whose purpose is to create the feeling of sliding into a vagina that does not end. Grab your penis with a full-fisted grip and push the tip of the penis upwards through your fingers.

When the tip of the penis is about to burst through the fingers, place your other hand in order to form a continuous tunnel. Then move your right hand from the base of the penis and place it on top of the left hand. Repeat this movement and keep the penis surrounded by your fingers at all times.

A different technique, suited mostly for those who are willing to play with themselves and achieve a strong, but delayed orgasm, is to stimulate only the tip of the penis.Lubricate one of your palms thoroughly and start rubbing the tip of the penis against it. You should try to vary the speed of rubbing in order to experience the full set of sensations offered by this technique.

For even more fantastic thrills you may wish to try a really special technique. Hold the base of the shaft firmly in one hand. Place the other hand on the shaft and move upwards in a spiral-like movement. You should give extra attention to the tip of the glans and caress it in order to squeeze as much pleasure as possible from this technique.

When you feel you are about to reach climax, move both hands just underneath the tip and use them in powerful circular motions in order to get yourself over the edge. Add a delicate touch to your self-pleasure session with one of the gentlest techniques around. Gather the loose part of the foreskin located just below the tip of the penis and rub it gently with your fingers.

What you want to do is to rub your fingers together through the skin, as though you’re trying to feel a piece of cloth. The sensation is very pleasing and relaxing and the orgasm is a powerful rush. Another delicate technique designed to enhance your orgasm is to masturbate yourself as usual and use the free hand to trace light circles around the tip of the penis. This will add to the excitement and heighten the climax.

Alternatively, you could try a powerful milking technique to get yourself a true rush. Lubricate your hands and make a ring around the base of the penis using the thumb and middle finger of one hand. Move the ring all the way up to the tip of the penis. Just as you reach the tip, form a similar ring at the base of the penis with the other hand. Milk your penis for all it’s worth. Men who use this technique claim to experience amazing erections and orgasms.

Not getting enough of new positions, variations and techniques? Well, you can rest assured because we’ve found another couple of techniques for you to try out. Exploration is one of the best parts of sex and we’re doing our best to keep you happy. So, here are the new techniques that you can try in the privacy of your own home.

The first one is a bit tricky to pull off. Lie on your back with your erect penis straight up in the air. Wrap the fingers of one hand around the base of the penis and start stroking yourself with a quick, circular motion. Make sure the strokes are always short. The stroking speed must vary in order to get the glans to jerk around in a circular motion, the reverse of that of your hand. Be careful: ejaculation can be very messy due to sperm flying all over the place.

If you enjoy masturbating in the bath and using hot water then you simply have to try the steam bath. Get naked, go into the bathroom and turn on the bathtub tap. Let hot water flow for a couple of minutes in order to turn the bathroom into a sort of sauna. When everything in the bathroom is hot and steamy, get into the tub and start masturbating, using the heat and steam as lubricant. The sensation is quite unique and very pleasant.

Or you could try a technique devised by people with lots and lots of time on their hands, the connoisseurs of the masturbation world. The basic idea is to bring yourself to orgasm by tapping gently on the glans, through the underwear. The orgasm will be slow coming, but the sensation is bound to be stronger than usual. Many men enjoy the feeling of something cold placed against their hot and throbbing penises.

Which is why we recommend the use of ice cubes or crushed ice to increase the strength of orgasms. Here’s how it works. Masturbate normally, using your preferred technique and keep a few ice cubes or a bag of crushed ice handy. When you feel the climax building pick up the ice cubes and place them against your testicles or rub them over your penis, if you can manage that without getting in the way of masturbation. The feeling is quite unique.

A good way to heighten orgasm is to put a little pressure on your testicles. During masturbation, reach down and start caressing and squeezing your testicles. Make sure you don’t press too hard on them, even though it may seem to you that you can stand it. During the orgasm, you will feel the semen moving up from the testicles as the scrotum contracts, the experience will certainly be an intense one.

Masturbation is a basic act of defiance that can be exhilarating for anyone and you can always do it with your partner or an escort or escorts.

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