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Find out the perfect color for each room of your home

Montclair Painting

Can’t decide which color to put in your living room or kitchen? Find out the perfect color for each room of your home. We suggest the best colors for each room of your house. Montclair Painting can suggest you the perfect colors that match the style of your home.

It makes sense to feel that the decision about what color you want to paint the walls of your rooms is very important. After all, color often determines the overall tone and decoration of any space. And it is certain that you would not want anyone to call your home boring, or even worse kits. To not get stressed every time you look at the color chart, read below.

Find out the perfect color for each room of your home


Living room

Find out the perfect color for each room of your home


It is the top neutral color. It perfectly balances between coldness and warmth, thus giving prestige and chic air to any space. If you like neutral colors, just paint your walls beige.


White walls give you the freedom to play with different colors in your furniture, covers and accessories. At the same time, they make every space look more stately and luxurious. Say “yes” to white if you are a fan of both classic and minimalist decor.


If you choose this color, it will be difficult for you,  not only you but also your guests  to detach from your living room. Chocolate color gives the space a feeling of warmth and sweetness while, at the same time, it does not lose in style and elegance. Even better: it matches almost all colors.



Light gray

Gray can have… fifty shades (at least), but light gray offers the convenience and elegance of white without getting dirty just as easily. Prefer this color if your kitchen counters and cabinets have stone or colored details as it will highlight them even more.

Bright green

In addition to being super fashionable, the light shades of pastel green give your kitchen a retro air. At the same time, they are quite discreet. So, if you want the color of your kitchen to be modern and unique without showing off, all you have to do is choose it.


It works just like light gray and gives more depth to your kitchen compared to white. In addition, it gives the air space freshness and relaxation without losing a point of elegance!

Dining room

Create a luxurious and cozy look for your dining room.


This deep and special brown color is so warm, sweet and welcoming that it will make your guests feel at home! So do not be afraid to choose it for your dining room.


Blue create a balance between relaxation and luxury. Blue may be considered a cooler color, but this warmer shade will give a dramatic character to your space.


It is one of the most misunderstood colors. It may seem heavy and you may be afraid that it will visually monopolize the interest in your space, however the impressive burgundy will give it a unique sense of luxury.



Change the color of your bathroom to make it look bigger.


Beige-gray (taupe)

It is the ideal (and almost white) canvas for every bathroom since it is extremely discreet. It may seem marginally indifferent, but its combination with purple and white accessories and towels always wins the impressions.

Midnight blue

This special, special and stylish dark color will give a sense of luxury to your bathroom. At the same time, it will make it look bigger as it enhances the sense of depth.


Fresh and playful, mint is one of the hottest colors in the decor. Prefer it not only if you reminisce about the good old days and you are a fan of vintage but also if you want to get away from the established.



By changing the color in your bedroom you will sleep much better and your life will be transformed.



Just like your favorite clothes: this color will make you feel warm, comfortable and beautiful. If you are a fan of the classic, no, this color is the ideal choice for your bedroom.


As much as it surprises you, yellow is the second best color for a bedroom. This color stimulates the nervous system, helps to relax and calms the body and mind. For the walls of your room, choose soft shades of yellow and give a little life to the space with brown and yellow decorations in more intense shades.


The third best color choice to sleep better is green. Green will make you feel optimistic and have positive energy when you wake up. Pistachio green is a very beautiful shade for a bedroom. It is combined beautifully with magenta and pink decorations and flowers.

Ice white

It is the epitome of elegance and, at the same time, has a relaxing and soothing effect. In addition, the ease with which it is combined with other colors is the main reason we recommend it with closed eyes. You can add to the rooms with silver walls, decorations in other metallic shades and details. Gold and bronze details in frames, vases and other decorations go well with silver walls and give luxury to a bedroom.


The shades of orange add warmth and relaxing atmosphere. Orange is a very intense color and to “break” it you can combine it with white or some other earthy shades such as brown and gray. Gikas can paint your home any color you want.

Anthracite blue

In general, anthracite is a special color. However, its bluer tones tend to look more elegant and warm. The result; Blue will turn your bedroom into an oasis of style, relaxation and comfort. Blue is also associated with calmness and lowers heart rate, while lowering blood pressure. Choose blue for the walls of your room and decorate with earth tones, white and gray that go well with blue. Make sure that the largest areas of the room are covered with shades of blue and choose other colors for the smaller decorations and furniture.

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