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7 + 1 things to look in a coat


The coat is a statement piece in the women’s wardrobe and in women’s clothes in general. See the points you need to pay attention to make a difference this winter. The coat influences the overall style of the woman to a great extent, forms the first impression that is important, but also the last that is even more important. The heavy winter we are going through is a good opportunity for every woman to wonder if she has the right women’s coats in her wardrobe and if she uses them in the appropriate way, highlighting her personality and beauty. Here are 7+ 1 things to look out for when it comes to women’s coats:


Puffers are in fashion, but they are not the most feminine choice. It is good to have a puffer for the most sporty occasions, for long walks, for coffee with your friends, but it does not work for the evening. Choose one up to the middle and avoid the most extreme option that is below the knee. Even better choose a sleeveless one that is very in. Put it as a layer in winter and as a jacket in spring.

2. Belt

The coats with a belt highlight the feminine silhouette and hide the imperfections. The secret is in how tightly you fasten the belt. If your silhouette is petite then you can tighten the belt more and make the coat more fitted. If not, relax it by giving space to your body.

 3. Cutting

Women’s fashion influences the fashion in the women’s coat and especially in the cut. In the market you can find all kinds from military parks to blazers. Try different “cuts” because the options are literally endless.

4. Length

The obvious is at 3/4 or knee height. But, choose a long coat even if you are not considered tall! If the coat is the right size and has no volume, it will look just as good at smaller heights.

5. Special designs

The peculiarities are desirable, but a measure is needed. We are obviously talking about furs, belts, buttons, zippers, straps and all the decorative or functional elements that a coat has. Black, especially in leather, beige and gray are obvious choices, but the women’s wardrobe needs color. Go for tried and tested options such as shades of green and red. Carefully choose the shade looking at the coat in natural light.

6. Collars

Large collars are a great solution to draw attention away from the waist or legs. The opposite is not possible. It also heats up. 8. Fur investments Fur coats have never gone out of style. Buy a coat with detachable fur on the collar or hood to have more options and more flexibility.

 7. Military coat

Do not be afraid of the military coat (the one with the double row of buttons). Everything else, highlight the dynamic side of your personality. With a simple millimeter you can give a touch of seriousness and make a difference.

+1. Textures

Experiment with different textures and designs. Put plaid, herringbone and leather in your wardrobe. Generally, your wardrobe needs at least four – five coats to be covered both in terms of weather and style. With these tips, buy the coats you need in the offers and upgrade your style and wardrobe.

Find women’s coats in unique designs and colors that will take off your style. Undoubtedly the most elegant and stylish choice in coats are women’s coats. Winter is behind the door, so do not hesitate to choose a coat that suits your taste. The coat is a piece that can not be lost in your closet. The coat is also an ideal choice for a transitional period. Improve your outfit with a perfect coat and keep your style and charm!

Resist the cold with elegance, with our women’s collection of coats and jackets. Looking for something light, Take a look at biker jackets, suede and denim jackets for a very cool and relaxed look. For very winter days, try practical parkas, trench coats and woolen coats for warmth. Whatever your style, upgrade your look with stylish, oversize, long or short options.

Why we love coats

They immediately attract attention so you do not have to try hard for the rest of the outfit. They match almost all clothes thanks to their neutral shade – unless you choose something more intense so you adjust your outfit accordingly.

It’s the hottest and cozy way to follow the latest in coat fashion. They give a fun twist to our outfit but without making it look eccentric. They relieve you of the need for accessories since they become the centerpiece of your look.