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5 Weird plumbers secrets


Plumbers (υδραυλικοι αθηνα) are specialised in taking care of the tanks, pipes and valves to ease our life. They not only help in waste removal and delivery of potable water but also play an important role in the cooling and heating system of our home. Plumbing is one of the ancient professions which taught us the importance of sanitation. Plumbers usually have a tough time during their working hours but they minimise the work pressure by being calm and joyful. We have listed 5 wired plumber’s secret which will make you wonder about the challenges they face.

Weird Things Encountered During Clogged Drains

The most common issue that plumbers encounter is the clogged drains (αποφραξεις πειραιας). They get a number of calls for cleaning the drains. Apart from paper towels, sanitary items, they find weird things being disposed of. Some of the items in this list are mentioned below:

  • Beer Cans: Beer cans is the most common thing that the plumbers find in the drain. Adults, teenagers, college students dispose the cans in the toilet which results in the blockage of drain. It is a common practice of this age group which unnecessarily increases the work of the plumbers. Most of the people reveals that they have disposed beer can in the toilet.
  • Mobile Phones: People carry their mobile phone even to the washroom and there have been a number of cases in which the phone gets into the drain as a result of carelessness of the people. This activity not only damages the device but also clog the drains.
  • Live Animals: It sounds horrible but it is a truth that plumbers encounter live animals in a clog. Snakes and insects are the main species that are found in the pipes. It is very fearful sight but the plumbers try their level best to get the animal out of the pipes. In critical cases, they seek help from the wildlife department as well.

They Have A Different Coding Language

It is impossible for common people to understand the terms used by the plumbers. The terms used by the plumbers sounds very inappropriate and disgraceful. Some common misunderstood terms of the plumbers are listed below:

  • Ballcock: It is the most commonly used term by the plumbers when you are getting your toilet repair. Ballcock is basically the fill valve that regulates the quantity of water entering the tank.
  • Cockhole Cover: Don’t be impolite, be calm. Cockhole cover is the piece of metal used to cover unusual openings in your sink.
  • Sweating The Pipe: Practically, this phrase does not make any scene but for the plumbers it means soldering of pipes. If a plumbers are taking about sweating of pipes then they will be soldering the pipes together so that they can cease the leakage.
  • Nipple: In plumber’s language, nipple is a small piece of pipe that is used to connect two large pipes. If you hear this term by the plumbers, don’t worry, they are working to resolve your concern

Pretty Old Profession

According to the historians, this profession originated over 5,000 years ago. But the standard plumbing started during the Indus River Valley Civilisation. However, it was not as sophisticated as the present plumbing system but we got an idea about sanitation from that era only. The plumbers during the Indus River Valley Civilisation were capable enough to design drains which could carry waste water from the house. People even had toilets with drain system.

They Have A Number Of Stories

This profession demands visiting to a number of people every day. The customers have unique features and characteristics. Some are polite, while others are rude. The plumbers enjoy the company of the customers and take away some interesting story about the person or the family. They normally discuss about their customers when they have idle time. Even you can enjoy plumber’s secret stories; all you need to do is just chit chat with your plumber.

They Have A Personal Life As Well

Just like us, plumbers also have a personal life and they want enjoy that as well. However, a bad day at work can ruin their personal life. It is our responsibility to treat them well so that they are in a good mood and can enjoy with their family. They can have a bad or good day, but we should treat them well so that they can wind up their day in a jolly mood.