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10 tips for ideal love moments

10 tips for ideal love moments

10 tips for ideal love moments. Have you ever tried to deviate from the usual and become a little more naughty in sex? If you don’t, you should definitely try it with your Athens Escorts . The reward will be great, for both of you and you will renew your erotic interest in each other. Also, you are gonna enjoy sexual experiences beyond the limits!

Do a little spanking 

The idea of ​​your lover, lying on your feet and spanking you in an erotic way is something that can be extremely stimulating. Just remember the ultimate scene from the movie Secretary, with Maggie Gyllenhall. In fact, you provoke him even more, by saying things like “was that all” all i need more . Useful could be going into a sex shop and taking spanking equipment, making your sex act a little more spicy. Do not hesitate to try something different.

Buy a rope for your home

Are you the type of woman has ever let her man tie her up? Sexual submission is a way to “light up” a variety of different types of women. The most effective way to do this is a rope. Or a handkerchief with your partner are gonna use to tie your arms and legs.

Then, he can take action, begin doing his sexy things while you are lying in the bed, without being able to bring the slightest reaction! However, make sure that you only proceed in this “game” with someone you completely trust. Also, agree in advance on a security word,  that you can use at any time you might don’t want to go on.

Take a video of your action

Knowing that the spicy moments you have sex, there is a camera in the area that records your every action, is something that will automatically make the sexual act, become more intense! Something that you should only try with a person that you know very well and you are quit a long time with. Be sure to save and hide the video file very good. Yours privacy is very semantic and should be very careful, asa many types of this videos has gone in the web for many reasons. 

Behind the scenes 

The anal area. One of the hottest love spots, not only for women but also for men. In fact, for numerous people just the thought of being a “forbidden” area is aphrodisiac. If you do not want to reach to the end, at least give your other half the “opportunity” to deal more extensively with your anus area. To do massages to your buttlocks, to bite them and just in case,  you miss nothing to have a lubricant on the nightstand.

Anal is a sex act that may be tabboo for many people out there, but can serve you with feeling that you have not ever imagined that you could have. Many woman out there says that has their best orgasms during anal sex. So, this is something that you want to try at some point.

Where is the perineum?

The perineum is an area between a man’s testicles and anus. An area that can offer tremendous pleasure if you manage to stimulate it, using either your mouth or your fingers. Try to touch the perineum gently at this point. You can rub it or make circular motions to it and apply light pressure. You will see your man screaming of pleasure, with everything it means for you.

Talk dirty to him!

Dirty talking. Many people can errect just from certain words. Even if you are one of this type of women that never use abusive vocabulary, telling him in a clear way the things you want during sex action is not that difficult. It’s surely something that gonna to upset him! You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

Let him look

Complacency is such a personal act, that allowing your sexual partner to watch it, will excite him more than anything else. Touch yourself in the most sensual way you can, to show him what you really like. Try to reach an orgasm by your own, and let him watch the full action till the end, maybe doing the same thing as you. Or, do not let him until the second action, that you are gonna have both together. 

Do you eat sushi?

You should try to make your body a vehicle, that will offer visual and why not, taste pleasure.  If you are a fun of sushi, which is also a food considered aphrodisiac, spread a few small pieces on your naked body. Then, just let him enjoy them one by one at the very end spots of your body. And if your other half is not a fan of Asian cuisine, do worry. You can make the same with fruit and chocolate syrup, or everything that you like.

Sex in a semi or public space

Having sex in a place, except the bedroom, is an act that can add innovation, to the act of love. Especially if the place that you gonna choose is a more open space, such as your terrace for example. Both the anxiety that there is a chance someone to see or hear you and ofcourse, the new attitudes and conditions, will stimulate your excitement unimaginably.

We warmed up enough?

When the sex has escalated to this point, where the sweat drips like water and you feel your skin burning. Just bring some ice cubes and press to restart! Playing with the limbs the hot-frozen game, is incredibly sexy because it terribly stimulates the senses of both partners. So lick an ice cube before putting it in your mouth or just let it drip on different parts of your body. Your limits are exactly the same, as your imagination.

We believe having help you in finding some new ways to make your sex life a bit more spicy. No there is nothing else besides gramb your woman and go directly to your bed, to have some action. Make sure to be gentle for the first time, as you may need time to make things act as it should.